How to Say ‘Bye’ to a Bisexual Without Outing Them

Sometimes you want to simply say “bye” your beloved bisexual friend without completely outing them in public, but this can be hard! There are only so many ways to bid adieu to a bisexual person in a manner that doesn’t publicly disclose their sexuality in a blatant and obvious way. Here are some other ways to say “bye” without ruining everything.


Two-Finger salute

Keep it cute with a simple salute! The two fingers are a subtle reference to the bi in their bisexuality that won’t turn heads on a busy street, forcing everyone to acknowledge the sexuality of your friend. Plus, bisexuals love hand gestures, like finger guns or snapping.


French Exit

Also known as an Irish goodbye, the French exit allows you to simply leave before your bisexual friend knows it, but in a very bisexually French way. Plus, the French exit is a fantastic way to avoid an awkward farewell and you can easily avoid the b-word (and it’s not baguette!).



Mr. Willy Shakes had a way with words, so you don’t have to. Simply repeat these lines from Romeo and Juliet, “Parting is such sweet sorrow/That I shall say good night till it be morrow.” What a charming way to say bon voyage without letting everyone know your friend is into all genders sexually! While you won’t out your bisexual friend, you might run the risk of outing yourself as a theatre kid, so be careful with this one!



Smoke Bomb

Of course, you want bisexuals to think the best of you – the smoke bomb is a mischievous, sneaky, and fashionable exit that requires zero speech. In the middle of their sentence, let a smoke bob rip and run fast away from the frenzy. This will take the focus off of bisexuality and on your inclination towards drama and flair. Nice!


Farewells with your bi friend don’t have to be awkward or hazardous, keep it natural with any combo of these tips. The bisexuals in your life will hugely appreciate your sensitivity and caution around their identity.