QUIZ: Do You Have Diagnosed OCD or Should You Stop Being Like, ‘OMG I Have OCD’?

One could argue that obsessive compulsive disorder has been co-opted as a “casual descriptor” for people who are kind of neat, instead of having a disorder that has debilitating effects as defined in the DSM-5. But how do you know if you have the right to say things like, “This is so typical of me. I have OCD”? Take this quiz to find out if you have been diagnosed with OCD by a medical professional or if you should really stop being like, “OMG! I have OCD!” whenever you reorganize the fridge.


Have you ever seen a doctor about your suspected OCD?

  1. Yes, and after rigorous testing, the doctor confirmed that I do have it. I currently manage it by taking an SSRI and engaging in talk therapy.
  2. No, but one time my friend came over and saw that I arrange my clothes by season and was like, “Woah…you’re so OCD.” So, I’m pretty sure that counts. She’s in med school!


Do you spend hours a day trying to reign in uncontrollable and recurring thoughts (obsessions)?

  1. Yes. I was having recurring intrusive thoughts, which prompted me to seek help from a mental health professional. This mental health professional quickly diagnosed me with OCD.
  2. I wouldn’t say hours, but sometimes when I think about something, I think about it a lot! I go on Wikipedia and everything. Is that what you mean?


Do you engage in repetitive behaviors (compulsions), such as checking, cleaning, or counting?

  1. Yes, and it was ruining my goddamn life. That is, until I was diagnosed with OCD.
  2. Huh? Nope. That sounds pretty bad though – wishing those weirdos the best.


Do your anxieties and behavior interfere with your day-to-day life, making it harder to go about normal tasks?

  1. Yes. 100%. I have OCD. I have debilitating OCD. 
  2. No, but my OCD makes me color-code my pens or stack my dishes sometimes, and that takes about 15 seconds. That’s time I’ll never get back! 




Mostly 1s: You have OCD! Odds are you already knew this, as you have been diagnosed with the condition already. Feel free to talk about it – or don’t! You do you.

Mostly 2s: Sweet baby boy. You need to stop being like, “OMG I have OCD!” because you simply do not. You are particular about things, sure, but that’s different – all love. If this doesn’t sit well with you, feel free to see a doctor – maybe you do have it! But until then, maybe stick to saying things like, “This is typical me, as I am particular by nature,” or “Classic me, being an organized individual!” or even “I’m such a Virgo!”