QUIZ: Did Your Souls Meet in a Past Life or Did You Match on Hinge 5 Years Ago?

You’re sitting on the F train living your humdrum life when it happens: You look up, your eyes meet, your heart stops. Could it be? Did a cosmic tear in the multiverse align your timelines once again for true everlasting love? Or did you match with him on the popular dating app Hinge five years prior while you were living in Crown Heights? He’s wearing a mask, so it’s kind of hard to tell! Take this quiz to find out:


What happens when you look into his eyes?

  1. When you stare into those piercing eyes, you feel like you’ve known him for a thousand years. You could walk right over there and tell him all of your secrets.
  2. He kind of looks like Will Halperin’s friend from Syracuse. Hinge used to do that thing where it connected you to friends of friends via Facebook. They don’t do that anymore, and they also did away with swiping, which is annoying because now anyone can comment on your profile.


What’s the energy like?

  1. Vibes are absolutely buzzing. There’s a straight line of energy flowing directly from you to him and then right back to you.
  2. It’s a tad awkward since you kind of remember going to Brooklyn Bowl with him on a Sunday in January 2016. You don’t remember anything else about the date. You’d remember if there was a connection, right?


What’s he doing?

  1. He can’t stop looking up at you and smiling. It’s intoxicating.
  2. He keeps taking out his left AirPod and trying to dig earwax out with his keys.


What does your future together look like?

  1. All at once, the scenes unfold. One year anniversary at Balthazar, his proposal on the Poughkeepsie walking bridge. Next, you’re pregnant in a cabin upstate.
  2. He’s getting off at Jay St. Metro tech in about three minutes because he doesn’t appear to recognize and/or remember you.




Mostly 1’s: Suddenly and somehow, things are finally falling into place. Go to him.

Mostly 2’s: You need to move to a new city.