QUIZ: Did You Have a Nice Time With Friends or Did You Say Something Stupid and Now They All Hate You?

We’re all readjusting to seeing our friends in person now, but with that comes the reemergence of social anxiety. Sometimes, even if you just had the best hang with your pals, you may feel worried that you actually did not have a good time and actually said something really dumb that caused all of your friends to suddenly hate you. Take this quiz and find out if you just had a normal group hang, or if they just started a group chat without you because they fucking hate you.


What were some of the conversation topics that came up?

  1. We talked a little awkwardly at first, first about the pandemic and the reopening process. We also talked about our new hobbies and TV shows. Then we all people watched for a while and grabbed food.
  2. We talked about our strongly conflicting views on politics, and I talked a lot about reality television series that no one had watched.


Did you go off on a long rant or raise your voice angrily?

  1. No, but I did get a little excited talking about how it’s been with my new dog.
  2. Ok so I might have brought up how I don’t think soup is good, and no one should eat it, and how I feel like anyone who eats it must be a sociopath who doesn’t like experiencing joy. I talked for 17 minutes about this.


Have any of your friends texted you since?

  1. Yeah, one of my friends texted the group chat a few hours later about how good they felt after hanging out, and we all heart-reacted to it.
  2. It’s been nothing but radio silence for a few weeks. I even sent them an article about why soup is bad but no one reacted.


Would you hang out with yourself?

  1. Honestly? Yeah, but I might be a little judgy of myself, like I guess everyone would be.
  2. I guess I wouldn’t if I was a pro-soup idiot.




Mostly 1’s: You had a nice time with friends! It will take some time getting used to the small worries and thoughts that come with socializing again, but you’re doing a good job! Maybe reach out to a friend one-on-one and see if they wanna hang!

Mostly 2’s: You said something dumb and all your friends hate you! Probably. It’s kind of weird to be so firmly against soup, and you probably alienated your friends quite a bit. Learn to read the room!