4 Positive Affirmations That Your Mom Will Undermine with One Comment

Positive affirmations can have rippling effects on your attitude, perception, and your entire experience of life. And that confidence is both freeing and empowering – that is until your mom says a shitty comment off-handedly that totally throws that all away. Here are a few affirmations that will have you radiating positivity, at least until your mom mutters something passive-aggressive under her breath and ruins the whole thing.


“I have the potential to be extremely successful.”

This positive affirmation will help you build confidence in yourself and your abilities. It will remind you that you are totally capable of achieving what you set your mind to – that is, until your mom saunters in, pointedly asking, “Oh really? Where were all those qualities when you quit ballet after three lessons?” This affirmation won’t help with that part.


“My life is just beginning.”

Every morning you say this to yourself, you will feel energized by the fact that you are on the precipice of something new! This will all feel really good until you call your mom to catch up and she says some shit like, “I had two kids and an MBA by the time I was your age.” It’s okay, just take a deep breath and drown out her voice by screaming inside your mind for a little.



“My mind is full of brilliant ideas.”

This positive affirmation really helps if you feel like you struggle with self-confidence or voicing your thoughts. It reminds you that what you have to say is valuable, and worth sharing. This will all come crashing down as soon as your mom brings up the time you wanted to go to art school at your next family reunion before sarcastically noting you “really thought that’s how life worked.” That will take a few weeks of therapy to undo.


Try those positive affirmations the next time you get a chance to reach your full potential and really experience the benefits that positive thinking can have. They will have a cumulative effect on your mood, until your mom says something small but deeply offensive, as moms do. We hope they maybe help with that whole mess as well.