QUIZ: Are They Actually Toxic Or Do They Just Casually Use the Cry-Laughing Emoji?

Knowing when a friendship is toxic is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships – but when you have a friend who constantly uses the cry-laughing emoji for even the faintest of jokes, how can you know for sure? She might be absolutely psychotic in real life, or she might just not understand the nuances of emoji use. So is your friend actually toxic or do they just seem that way because of their haunting emoji choices? Take this quiz to find out:


Does your friend seem to have a lot of drama in her real life?

  1. No, they seem to excel in their career and are respected by friends and colleagues.
  2. She has auditioned for several reality shows.


What is her sense of humor like?

  1. Her sense of humor is The Office.
  2. She thinks it’s funny when famous people die?


Has she ever treated you in a way that made you feel inferior, or confused about her intentions?

  1. Not really, but I was confused when she responded to my birth announcement with a cry-laughing emoji? Was that a mistake?
  2. One time she suggested I sleep with her boyfriend to “get him back for what he did”??


How is your friend’s social media literacy?

  1. She still posts memes on Facebook regularly.
  2. She has 90,000 followers on Tiktok.


Is your friend under 50?

  1. No.
  2. She is 27 and knows exactly what she’s doing.




Mostly 1’s: She’s just basic! Don’t worry – some people just aren’t clued into why the cry-laughing emoji is an absolutely psychotic thing to use casually. Next time, drop her a hint that she can just use the “haha” react or say “lololol”. She’ll get it eventually!

Mostly 2’s: She’s deeply toxic and should be avoided at all costs. If someone that clued in to the world is still casually using the cry-laughing emoji like it’s nothing at all, she will hurt you eventually, if she hasn’t already. This woman is a danger to society and likely a danger to herself.