QUIZ: Is the Laughing Cow on the Laughing Cow Cheese Packaging Laughing at You?

laughing cow cheese

The laughing cow on the Laughing Cow cheese sure seems to think something is funny, but what exactly is making her chuckle so uproariously? And more specifically, is it you? To find out if this tickled bovine is laughing at something you did, something you said, or an inside joke she has about you with her friends that’s triggered every time she sees you, take this quiz!


Does the look in her eyes indicate malice?

a. The laughing cow on my Laughing Cow cheese package, and even more so on my selected Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss wedge, has an altogether sinister twinkle in her eyes. This cow is experiencing a kind of schadenfreude, and she isn’t trying to hide it.

b. No, she looks pretty happy and also as she always looks since she is a static logo.


When you opened the fridge, did you slip on the linoleum and begin an impossibly long pratfall, your feet slipping all around on the ground beneath you like Roadrunner until you came crashing down right before the Laughing Cow’s mocking gaze?

a. I did it. I did it all.

b. No?


If you answered yes to the previous question: when you tried to pull yourself off of the ground, did you grab hold of a refrigerator shelf, only to pull it out and cause all of your groceries, including a barrage of maniacally laughing Laughing Cows to come raining down upon you?

a. Yes.

b. No.


Last week did you tell the Laughing Cow that you guys should jam sometime and she evaded the question but now every time you see her she goes all weirdly silent like she was just talking about you before you came in?

a. I think I’ve been quarantined alone too long.

b. No, I didn’t ask the Laughing Cow to jam.





Mostly A’s: All the evidence indicates that the laughing cow on the Laughing Cow cheese packaging is laughing at you. There’s no coming back from this; one of you should probably move out.


Mostly B’s: Okay, it sort of seems like you think you’re better than us? Well, surprise, the laughing cow is laughing at you, but you don’t even know why, so in a way, you’re worse off. Next time maybe try Babybel.