How to Keep Judging Men For Punching Holes in Walls Even Though You Kind of Get It

Historically speaking, men punch walls and people of other genders judge them for it. Of course, like any other gender-based generalizations, there are plenty of exceptions to this division of labor, but most non-men would prefer to forgo a public association with the rageful and useless act. Here’s how to keep judging men for punching holes in walls even though you do kind of get it.


Joke about it.

Keep your distance from this phenomenon by making jokes about men punching holes in walls. Focus on this sort of outburst being proof that men can’t control their emotions or self-soothe, though you yourself have from time to time had the urge to punch something in frustration, but so far have managed to resist until your anger softened to sadness and you could just cry it out. And crying is so stigmatized for men. You almost feel bad. But still, ha! Punching walls. Crazy, right?


Publically express that this is “psycho behavior”.

Or in general, disavow it using the casually ableist language of your choosing. This will prove that you are fundamentally different from someone who would punch a wall, even if you did scream at no one while you were on hold for 45 minutes with your Wi-Fi provider last week. At least that’s not really violent. Is it? Whatever, you’re good.



Keep some drywall repair on hand.

We’re not saying it’s going to come to this, but you may as well keep some drywall repair on hand because if your wall ever does end up with a hole in it, your ability to remain judgmental on this front will disappear before your very eyes. Also, if you ever do punch a hole in your wall, we’re sure your reasons for doing so will be better than a man’s, so don’t even worry about it.


Life is frustrating, and sometimes you get mad – so mad that you can sort of understand why some men punch holes in walls, but you’re not going to stop judging them for it, obviously. So try these tips and have it both ways. Also, we recommend punching a pillow!