Sad! These Dinners Are Obsessed With Being in One Pan

sheet pan dinner

In a pitiful story developing out of a prominent food blog, these dinners are truly OBSESSED with being in one pan.


The three dinners debuted in a post that was dedicated to single-pan meals, and they have been desperately clinging to the designation ever since.


“It’s just sort of weird,” says a normal meal made with one pot and two baking sheets. “I guess if you’re exceptionally good or inventive and then you also happen to be in one pan it’s like, okay, throw that in as a fun fact, but it’s, like, not a whole personality, okay?”


“And please don’t get me wrong because I’m not talking shit,” she adds. “It actually makes me worry about them. Like, surely there must be something else about you? I don’t know, it’s upsetting ultimately.”


Tragically, the one-pan dinners remain completely deluded and unaware of the disturbing nature of their fixation.



“The thing about one-pan recipes is that we make dinner a breeze,” says a Mediterranean chicken and rice dinner. “And not to toot my horn but we’re sort of uniquely beautiful, too. I’m just saying, I’ve never seen anyone Instagram their pressure cooker.”


“I think there’s a lot of toxicity – perhaps even jealousy – surrounding single-pan dishes within the broader dinner community,” she adds. “But I try to just stay away from all that and just focus on positive things, like the fact that all my ingredients can be cooked to perfection in one cast-iron skillet.”


Wow! We’re amazed that she literally can’t stop talking about being in one pan, and also it’s like, chicken and rice? How about a side vegetable…


“It’s definitely just hard being around a single-pan dinner,” says roasted broccoli. “Frankly, they’re out of touch. And it’s odd because I’m a single tray dish, but somehow I’m not a whole dinner and so that doesn’t count for anything. Whatever the last thing I want is entry into their weird little club.”


“Also, I would never even bother bringing this up with them because they’d freak out,” broccoli adds, “but for most of those dinners, you have to cook the ingredients at different times, take things in and out of the pan. It’s like, more complicated than using multiple dishes. And for what?”




Here’s hoping these single-pan dishes get over being in one pan soon, because we certainly are.