Here’s What Happens to Your Body After Just One Week of Not Being Such a Little Bitch All The Time

There is still a lot we don’t know about how certain behaviors affect the human body, but there’s one thing that’s been proven time and time again across multiple studies: Your entire body has the potential to become healthier, more agile, and way less shitty when you are not being such a little bitch all the time. Here’s what we know about what happens to your body when you just quit being a little bitch for just one week:


More Mental Clarity

While making even one choice not to be such a little bitch in any given moment can help bring a sense of calm and clarity to a situation, going an entire week without acting like a cunt can make radical changes in the brain, making problem-solving easier and turning into a little bitch at the first sign of stress far less likely. Like most habits, they can become easier once you just start fucking doing them.


Decreased Risk of Causing Bullshit Drama

While years of sustained being-a-little-bitch can cause cumulative damage, as your body ages, it is far less likely to tolerate the drama your body was able to endure in its 20s. When you just stop being such a fucking bitch, that risk decreases tremendously, to the point where you might just get through this weekend away with your girls without ruining it like you always do. Small changes can have big results!



Better Sleep

Once you stop wasting your life on endless text threads whining and crying about some little bitch thing, you’ll find yourself sleeping better and waking up refreshed and with no weird text messages from an ex saying “what the fuck” or “this is too much, Janice”. You may even find yourself in a better mood, which will contribute to you not being such a little pissbaby when your Amazon packages don’t show up on time.


Weight Loss

You seem petty enough to be interested in this kind of thing for all the wrong reasons, so yeah, if you want to hear that not being such a little bitch will help you lose five pounds, then yeah, sure, give it a try.


Regardless of why you are taking a break from being such a little fuck all the time, know that the benefits of just acting like a normal person for once can have lasting effects that everyone is really hoping will stick. Please do this. Good luck!