Progressive! This Woman Is Against Circumcision Because They’re Not as Fun to Play With

In an inspiring story coming out of Boston, MA, 26-year-old Stephanie Rossi is taking a brave stand against circumcision because, in her words, circumcised dicks aren’t as fun to play with.


Okay, girl!


“The act of circumcision is just so brutal,” Stephanie told us. “I can’t even imagine what it would be like if the guy I’m seeing right now was circumcised. I don’t even want to think about it!”


“It’s like, if I can’t fool around with the flap of skin at the top,” she added, “then what’s even the point?”


Wow, so true!


We also reached out to Stephanie’s friends for their opinions on her remarkable stance against circumcision.


“When she first told me that she was going to an anti-circumcision protest, I was surprised that she was so passionate about the fight against genital mutilation,” Stephanie’s friend Maura Brown said. “But when she told me that she’s only going because she doesn’t want her boyfriend to get circumcised, because she loves playing with his uncut penis, it made a lot more sense.”


Sounds fair to us!


Stephanie also hopes that her message reaches others who may be on the fence about this important issue.


“Once you get circumcised, you really can’t undo it,” Stephanie told us. “People get circumcisions every day, which is so sad because uncut dicks are way more fun to move around and pull and stuff!”


Wow. Can you say speaking truth to power?



“Circumcision is not right,” she continued. “It’s especially unfair to me, because I love playing with an uncircumcised penis, and I will always fight for my right to play with an uncut dick.”


You go, girl!


We hope that Stephanie’s progressive stance makes waves, or that she only happens to get with uncircumcised men from here on out!