How to Politely Tell Your Boyfriend to Just Like, Do Better

Your boyfriend is awesome and you totally love him. But let’s be honest, he’s not perfect. He takes forever to text back, isn’t always considerate, and was definitely a little too into Shelby that one time. So here are some polite tips to let him know you want more from him and need him to just like, do better.


Tell Him No

So it’s obvious your boyfriend is doing a couple things wrong, but he may not always realize that. The next time that he bails on plans you had or starts texting when you’re telling him about your workday, tell him you need more from him by shaking your head “no” in a polite yet firm manner. He might not know exactly what he’s supposed to be doing, but a good headshake will say, “Uh-uh. No.”


Tell Him Other Couples You Like

After your boyfriend realizes he’s done something wrong, he’ll want more information. You know how Anna’s boyfriend Dave is always posting cute pictures of them together? Tell him you think that’s sweet. It’s much easier to point to another couple and tell him to be more like that than it is to have to tell him every little feeling you have. Ugh, you’re sick of doing so much work. Figure it out, babe!


Be Gentle

Make sure you’re subtle and sweet as you provide your boyfriend with this constructive criticism. You don’t want to hurt his feelings or have this blow up into a fight! So make sure you take on the conversation with a kind tone. A sweet whisper of, “Can you just deal with this?” will get the point across just fine.



Tell Him What He Does Right

Your beau might have trouble handling any criticism, so make sure you make him feel better by tell him what he does that makes you happy! He’s not all bad, after all. But at this point you’re basically done with doing any more work, so just tell him you like how nice he is to your parents and walk away. Let’s see some results, honey.


Everyone has flaws, even your boyfriend. But you can totally get rid of them. Just use any of these tips to communicate that he needs to just like, do better.