Okay! These Cool Girls are Talking in the Elevator and They Don’t Care Who Hears!

In a developing story coming out of the elevator of a coworking space in Chicago, IL, cool girls Mae Gilman and Jillian Ford were in the middle of their conversation when they walked into an elevator with five other people in it, and they just kept right on talking.


Wow, okay!!


“We were honestly talking shit about this bitch that we hate,” Jillian said. “And we were really getting into it, so we didn’t want to stop just because we were in the presence of other people!”


“Exactly,” Mae added. “And who knows, maybe a spicy little convo was a fun part of those people’s days. We don’t care though – we’re so carefree!”


The coworkers/friends traveled down the elevator for five floors, which allowed them to have a pretty good length discussion for everyone to hear, but not comment on.


“I could sort of tell that whoever they were talking about really sucked,” elevator passenger and real estate agent Floyd Jackson told us. “It seemed like they all wanted us to hear, but not know too much about it at the same time.”


These two talkative young women couldn’t agree more.


“We’re young and crazy,” Mae said. “Sometimes we just talk about our wild lives and sometimes people are there to hear about it! It’s really no big deal.”


“Yeah,” Jillian said. “We just do whatever we want, and that includes talking about our personal lives like no one is listening.”


Wow, so inspiring! But not everyone appreciated just how open and shockingly vulnerable these two girls were.


“I honestly wasn’t even listening,” accountant Paula Greenstein said. “I was totally spaced out for that whole elevator ride. Good for them, though?”



Okay, hater!


We hope that Mae and Jillian keep up the good work and continue to talk loudly to each other on elevators, no matter how crowded it is!