QUIZ: Should I Pay This Woman on Instagram $200?

There comes a time in every Instagram user’s life where they see something for sale and ask themselves, “should I pay this woman on Instagram $200?” If you’re finding yourself in this moment right now, then take our quiz below to find out whether or not you should give two whole Benjamins to a total stranger. She has kind eyes and looks like she knows things!


How well do you know her?

  1. We have a mutual friend and I’ve met her at least once in person.
  2. I’ve been following her for almost a month now!


How badly do you want this birth chart reading/crocheted hat/vintage bag/etc?

  1. I’ve wanted it for years! And I’ve been saving up the money to get it, too.
  2. I’ve wanted it soooo bad ever since I saw it on her Instagram last night! I even had a dream about it! But probably because I double tapped it right before I fell asleep.


Can you spare $200 right now?

  1. Yes!
  2. Yes, unless I have to get groceries or pay rent or something.


How would this item benefit you in the long run?

  1. I’d have a lot more clarity about myself, or at least have a durable bag to put all my things in!
  2. I would finally be more like the woman on Instagram. Mm, that would be nice.



Mostly 1s: Go ahead and give that woman on Instagram $200! It looks like you’ve thought about it clearly and for a long time, and this purchase wouldn’t be harmful for you in any way, unless it turns out to be a scam. But in that case, c’est la vie!

Mostly 2s: Do not, under any circumstances, give this woman on Instagram $200, or to anyone for that matter. You’re a danger to yourself, and you should probably delete the app. Maybe invest in stocks or an NFT instead!