How I Learned to Set Healthy Boundaries by Walking Around in a Giant Hamster Ball

The best thing I have ever done for myself is learn to set healthy boundaries. After letting people constantly disrupt my peace for the sake of being a helpful friend, family member, or lover, I finally came up with the idea to establish healthy boundaries once and for all, with the help of a giant hamster ball.


With the help of this human-sized hamster ball, I can finally let people know when to back off.


The old me was a coward, constantly bending to the will of other people without considering what I wanted. I was a spineless little worm with a penchant for self-sacrificing. One day, I reached a breaking point: I decided to live for myself. That’s when I ordered the $2000 hamster ball, and my life hasn’t been the same since.


The ball taught me the power of the word “no.” Before my life inside the hamster ball, I lived in fear of saying no to people. Now, “no” is my new favorite word because it’s so easy to say from the safety of a giant plastic ball. The other day a friend asked me to help them move. The old me would have run to their house to start moving boxes like I was a U-Haul van. From the security of my hamster ball, I felt empowered to say no. I replied, “Sorry, I’m having a ball day.”

Now, from the safety of the hamster ball, I feel confident and encouraged to say how I feel. I don’t fear retaliation because I’m protected by a sphere of plastic. I’m untouchable. I’m a hamster person.


In spite of my improved outlook on life, people are still always asking me things like, “Why are you living in a six-by-eight-foot hamster ball?” and “Can’t you just go to therapy instead?” The answer to both of these questions is only one word: empowerment. The hamster ball has given me both emotional freedom and total empowerment. Now I understand why hamsters are the perfect pets — their strong sense of emotional boundaries.