Woman Realizes Cat is Only Friend With Healthy Boundaries

In a story out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, 22-year-old Trisha Stevens had the stunning and slightly saddening realization that her cat is her friend that maintains healthy boundaries.


“I’ve been working on learning about healthy boundaries during therapy, but when I was asked to come up with an example of someone who has them, the only example I could think of was my two-year-old cat,” Stevens said. “When he is ready to be by himself, he just leaves the room. It’s amazing.”


Trisha Stevens’ cat, Tummy, is the only member of her immediate circle that regularly enjoys alone time, communicates how they’re feeling clearly, and doesn’t yield to manipulation from others.



“He’s not like a nice cat or anything, which is kind of the point,” Stevens said. “He bites when he wants you to stop what you’re doing.”


Stevens has given serious thought to whether other people in her life have consistently healthy boundaries but has yet to find any other solid examples.


“I guess I have a lot to learn from my little Tums!” she said as she stroked his head, to which Tums responded with hissing.


We reached out to Tummy for comment, but he respectfully declined.