Nice! Woman Gives Up Drinking but Not Sleeping With Her Makeup On

When 28-year-old Kayla Lester decided to give up alcohol for good, she didn’t want this decision to change the way she lives her life – which is why she maintained the rest of her daily routine, like going to bed with a full face of makeup on.


“Alcohol just wasn’t making me feel good anymore, so I was ready to leave it in the past and embrace sobriety,” Kayla tells reporters. “What I wasn’t ready to leave in the past was going to bed wearing a full smoky eye then waking up with a picture-perfect imprint of my face on my pillow in the morning. That’s just an integral part of who I am.”


Now it’s an integral part of who her pillowcase is, too!


“I used to blame my poor nightly routine and lackluster sleep hygiene on my alcohol consumption – turns out that’s how I am without the alcohol,” Kayla continues. “Maybe one day I’ll grow out of sleeping in winged eyeliner and a bold lip, but for now I’m just enjoying sobriety, and continuing to embrace my makeup-stained sheets. I’ve never felt better!”


Sources confirm Kayla would probably feel better if she ever actually took off her mascara and didn’t just haphazardly apply new layers on top of the old ones like a shitty landlord repainting walls – but do you, girl!


Kayla says this change has helped her fall in love with her life again.


“I love waking up in the mornings now that I’ve stopped drinking,” she says. “I used to hate lying in bed feeling hungover and gross. Now, I still wake up feeling gross, but without the hangover! It’s so much easier to grapple with the old concealer that’s flaking off my face without a head clouded by Jack Daniels.”


However, this change hasn’t come without its challenges and moments of self-doubt.


“I used to go to bed with my makeup on because I was too drunk to give a damn,” Kayla admits. “Now that I’m sober, I can no longer blame my gross habits on my drinking. I’ve really had to reckon with this unsavory side of myself and tackle difficult questions like, ‘Am I just gross at my core?”



She adds, “Now, I’m not too drunk to take off my makeup before bed, but I am super sleepy. That should count for something, right? Sleepy is the new drunk! I’m pretty sure people are saying that. I’m not inherently sloppy and gross!”


Whatever you say, girlfriend!