Nice! This Woman’s Schedule Just Opened up Because She Forgot What She Needed to Do Today

This morning, 25-year-old Stacy Beckman woke up prepared to handle a slew of tasks and activities, but a strange thing happened when she tried to recall what she had to do and her mind went blank. Stacy’s forgetfulness busted her schedule wide open and allowed her to bend to the whims of her every desire!


Enjoy your day, Stacy! 


Stacy claims that she keeps a constant mental checklist of tasks to complete, but that list was totally empty today.


“I’m sure there is something I’m supposed to get done today, but I simply can’t figure it out,” Stacy said. “I have a feeling I was supposed to do something important, but I’m going to get so high that I won’t ever remember!”


Sounds like self-care to us!


Stacy spent the first half of her day binge-watching reality TV, while a colleague of hers waited on a Zoom call for her arrival. “I usually don’t get to watch too much TV because I’m always so busy,” she explained. “It’s so strange that I have nothing to do today. I truly can’t remember where I’m needed. Oh, well!”


Yes, take that me-time, Stacy!


What’s a person to do when they have unlimited time to themselves because they can’t remember their plans for the day? Well, Stacy took a bubble bath and went shopping. She spent her day doing whatever she wanted because, in her moment of forgetfulness, she had no responsibilities. Stacy was blessed with absentmindedness and thus freedom!



“This was such a great day!” she shared. “I feel like I should be stressed out because there must be something I had to do today, but I guess if it was important, I would remember.”


Nothing is better than willing an open schedule into existence by completely forgetting about your numerous responsibilities. If you can’t remember a time commitment, did it ever really exist?