Mom Who Blames Young People for Spreading COVID-19 Also Demands You Fly Home for Thanksgiving During Pandemic

Despite blaming young people for the most recent spread of COVID-19 in the past few months, your mother demanded yet again that you fly home for Thanksgiving this year.


“Thanksgiving is a special holiday. You need to see us and your grandparents,” she began over the phone last night. In the same breath, she also mentioned she “hoped you were being responsible and not going out all the time.”


Concerns over the risk of contracting COVID-19 on the six-hour connecting flight did not seem to fully register with your mom, either.


“Oh, just wear a mask, it’ll be fine!” she responded. However, records show that two weeks prior she talked for 13 minutes straight on the phone about how “all the young people’s parties are the main problem.”



Your mother then threatened that “all of your little cousins are gonna be there,” before pulling out the ultimate guilt card: “We’re your family. Do you even care about us?”


Evidence shows that your mom will likely either resent you quietly for 8-12 months for not attending Thanksgiving and will also likely bad-mouth young people for “causing COVID-19” the entire time if you do attend.


At press time, you both agreed to put off making plans for Christmas due to the “crazy weather that time of year.”