Modern Bedroom Decor To Steal From This AirBnB

Just because you are due to check out of this Venice Beach Airbnb at noon does not mean that your vacation has to end! With a big enough suitcase and a willingness to surrender your $200 security deposit, you can recreate the beach vacation atmosphere in your Minneapolis studio apartment with these signature pieces:


Ralph Lauren Polo Navy Sheet Set ($0, this Airbnb)

Your three nights of rest were the best you’ve had in ages! Although your job limits your number of vacation days to 14 a year, you can keep the party going all year round with these stolen bed sheets. This cozy, clean, 800-count Ralph Lauren bed set is ordinarily far out of your price range, but stealing is free! Stash them neatly in your carry-on for California dreaming in your Minnesota home. Sweet dreams!



Martha Stewart Living Back Tab Curtains ($0, this Airbnb)

With the romantic flood of light and dreamy gusts of beach air, these curtains seem almost unnecessary in a gorgeous vacation bedroom like this—which is exactly why you must take them back to your own sad apartment! The slight scent of the salty air lingers on the fine fibers, and you’ll appreciate that detail more than the homeowners who chose them in the first place. Perfection!


Diptyque Bedside Candles ($0, this Airbnb)

These romantic fragrance pots should have been tossed into your purse the day you checked into this temporary abode. Fortunately, none of the other tenants are thieves, so they’re all yours, baby! These are perfect souvenirs to distribute to friends and family who specifically asked for those Arnold Schwarzenegger Muscle Beach shirts but you totally forgot to look for them. Problem solved!


Pottery Barn Gold Sunburst Mirror ($0 + S&H, this Airbnb)

A sunburst mirror is the perfect way to boost the natural light in your bedroom, spreading positivity and energy in your place of rest. The craftsmanship and sophistication of this beauty suggest that the homeowners paid at least $500, but lucky for you, it only costs $25, seeing as you will now have to pay extra to check your super heavy and bulky suitcase. Score!


With these signature finds from that sick Airbnb, you’ll transform your Midwestern mailing address into a modern beach bungalow! Don’t let the fact that you’ve been banned from the site be a total buzzkill. Instead, enjoy your savvy, blissful bedroom and the vacation will never really end!