QUIZ: Is Your Bedroom Decor Modern, Bohemian, or Just a Pair of Christmas Lights Taped Above Your Bed?

Your bedroom aesthetic says a lot about you as a person. For example, whether you’re a minimalist, a fun world traveler, or so broke and lazy that you describe your bedroom as “just for sleeping.” Find out which style of decor fits your personality best: Modern, bohemian, or just a pair of Christmas lights taped above your bed!


What style furniture do you have in your room?

A. Simple black upholstered bed frame with a tuft headboard and a black wooden desk.

B. A maple wooden canopy bed frame with tangerine mombasa fabric gently flowing to the floor.

C. Whatever was cheapest on Amazon Prime. So just some twinkly Christmas lights that pretty much go well with anything.


What items are laying around your room?

A. A small white stool with a pair of round sunglasses and a moleskin notebook on it.

B. Multiple baskets of your grandpa’s vintage records and a tall faux potted fiddle-leaf tree sitting in the corner.

C. All of the clothes you own. Half are dirty and half are clean, so picking what you wear is like a fun little clothing roulette. The only thing that’s not on your floor are the gorgeous Christmas lights attached to your wall with grey duct tape.


What do you have stored under your bed?

A. A few light sweaters and coats for winter.

B. Elephant pants you got in Thailand and some of your mother’s old skirts in case they come back into style.

C. A packed suitcase so you could take off at any moment if everything became a little too much. You’d just tear the Christmas lights down, throw them on top of your graphic tees and jeans and you’re good to go!


What kind of lighting does your room have?

A. One tall red floor lamp beside your bed for a pop of color.

B. Natural lighting and a few eucalyptus scented candles.

C. A ceiling light with a blown out light bulb and the Christmas lights you’ll have to take down for the month of December to throw on a tree. Or maybe you just won’t get a tree and keep them above your bed because moving things around is a lot of work.


What is hanging above your bed?

A. A framed black and white picture of a circle, triangle, and a square.

B. A purple tapestry with the moon’s phases on it.

C. Just a pair of Christmas lights and literally nothing else.





Mostly A’s: Wow, you are one organized modern lady. You’re aesthetic is minimal in color and design, yet completely stands out! Get it girl!


Mostly B’s: Okay you boho goddess! You love unique and quirky things. People could ask you about any item in your room and you’d have a great story to tell about it. Gorg!


Mostly C’s: Woof…your only decoration is the Christmas lights you took from home from college. Either you don’t care about appearances, you’re broke, or you’re some kind of lazy serial killer. If you’re an adult who still has Christmas lights up, those are pretty much your only options!