How to Lie on Your Bed in a Sexy Way and Not Because You’re Paralyzed With Anxiety

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A bed is more than just a place to sleep. It’s also a place to display your best “come hither” looks, and a soft surface to break your fall when you become immobilized by anxiety. If you’re having a hard time forgoing your normal anxious repose for a sexier look, don’t worry! Here’s how to lie on your bed in a sexy way, and not because you’re paralyzed with worry.


Have really luxurious furniture.

A mattress on the floor may incite more anxious feelings than sexy ones, so try just having really luxurious furniture. Preferably a proper queen sized bed with a huge wooden frame. Silk curtains and sheets will also provide a sumptuous backdrop as you sprawl prostrate across your bed, framed by magnificent throw pillows. All these soft textures and gentle colors should distract from the harsh lines of your rigid body, which is currently lying lifelessly on the mattress as your mind races with negative thoughts. Not sexy at all!


Let your hair fall across your face

One way to add mystery and sex appeal to your unyielding pose is to let your hair fall across your face. Men love this feminine look of not being able to see your eyes. Plus, your tousled locks send the message that you’re all right getting a little messy. Of course, you’re only doing this because you can’t actually move your hair due to the staggering emotional torment rendering you stiff as a statue, but shh! He never has to know.


Try some lingerie

Lace and garter belts look great on all women and really kick your sex appeal up a notch. You don’t need a special occasion for the lingerie. Just throw some on and get sprawling on that big bed of yours! You will look like an absolute goddess in your feminine undergarments. Yes, inside you may definitely be heaving from an anxiety attack, but you’re still a goddess. It’s what’s on the outside that counts!



Just be hotter

The simplest way to look sexy while lying in bed, replete with anxiety, is to just be hotter. This could mean hitting the gym, getting a new haircut, or figuring out how to use makeup correctly – whatever changes you need to make so that the next time you’re reclining in bed, you’ll look like a Renoir painting. Would a Renoir painting really be lying still due to overwhelming mental distress? No, and if you’re hot enough, no one will believe you are either.


It only takes a little effort to improve your bed-lying game. But with these tips you’ll rock the horizontal look in a totally sexy way, and not because you’re paralyzed with anxiety!