How to Wean Yourself Off Dog Videos and Rejoin Society

Some people can just quit watching dog videos without a problem. But that’s not everyone and that’s okay. If you’ve ever withdrawn from the world by watching videos where a dog tries to drink wine, or where a dog does not want to take a bath, then realized you’ve been doing that for years without ever going outside – don’t panic! Here’s how to wean yourself off dog videos and rejoin society.


Gradually Watch Fewer Dog Videos
Instead of just quitting cold turkey, gradually watch fewer dog videos. This ensures you’re not overwhelmed by the stress of suddenly having zero dogs to look at. Start by watching one fewer dog video than you normally do per day. For example, if you normally watch 1,000 videos called things like, “Dog Meets Human Baby Best Friend!!!” try weaning yourself down to 999. Over time you’ll have trained yourself to subsist on a single video of a little schnauzer having a little nightmare where his little legs keep twitching because he’s sooo sleepy. That’s how tolerance works!


Try An Intramural Sport
Now that you’re watching few enough dog videos to rejoin society, try an intramural sport. Sports are a great way to socialize with others, and a healthy alternative to looking at so many Youtube videos of puppies learning how to howl you lose vision. Whether you’re kicking a ball around, throwing a ball around or just swimming really fast, the point is: You’re engaging in an activity a dog would love. Who needs to watch dog videos when you are can become the dog? Exactly!



Go to the Dog Park
If you still possess an endless hunger for dog material but also need to be outside, go to the dog park. A dog park is the perfect place to be a person who is looking at dogs. Watch the dogs run, play, or laugh with each other just like they do online. Also join them if you want! After all, there’s no better way to recover from an overload of shih tzus wearing teddy bear costumes than to find those shih tzus in real life and make them accept you. You’re doing really well!


If you must stop watching dog videos, maybe dog? “Dog” can mean whatever you want, since dog can always help! Haha. Dog is so good!


If your need to consume dog material has been outweighing your will to live, follow these tips to wean yourself off the videos and rejoin society. It may be difficult at first, but you can do it by simply becoming the dog yourself or finally landing the salaried job you need to get one!