Woman Deletes Instagram Story Prompting Speculation That She Fucked Up the Cake She Was Baking

It was a day like any other on Lacy Adams’ Instagram story: The 24-year-old amateur baker was documenting her progress on a chocolate mousse cake when suddenly all traces of her story disappeared, leaving the six people who were following along in shock and disbelief.


Adams’ former co-worker, Tim Jones, was one of the first to notice something was wrong.


“I was watching her whisk eggs and sift flour and just loving every second of it,” said Jones, who hasn’t seen Adams in years but never misses a story. “Damn, I was sure that cake was going to be beautiful, so something must’ve really gone wrong with it.”


After 20 minutes had passed without an update from Adams, her fans started to worry.


“It feels like I dreamt it,” said Lillian Hunter, Adams’ second cousin who met the avid Instagrammer only once in her life. “I saw the eggs, the cocoa, the sugar, and then nothing.”


“It’s like it never even existed,” she continued. “She was baking a cake, right? Right!?


Others remained determined to uncover the truth.


“I know what I saw,” Jones insisted. “And I just want to find out what happened to that cake. After watching the first six parts of her story, I think we all deserve an answer.”


So far, the leading theory is that Adams must have fucked up the cake somehow and then deleted her entire story in the hopes that no one would notice or ask questions.


“Maybe she tried to cut corners with the ingredients and her experiment didn’t work out,” speculated Ava Pullman, Adams’ college roommate from freshman year.



“Or hell, maybe she dropped it on the floor. I just wish she’d own up to it if she did.”


Adams declined to comment for this article, but did release the following statement:


“I always strive to give my 170 Instagram followers the high-quality content they expect and love. I know my close friends and family appreciate my efforts, and I’m so grateful for their support. And for the record, my chocolate mousse cake turned out wonderfully.”

Okay Lacy, if you say so. But just know that from now on, we’ll be watching your story very closely.