Pixar Reveals That There’s a Woman Walking to The Pharmacy to Pick Up Her UTI Medication in The Background of All Their Films

Most people know that Pixar’s animators discreetly place Easter eggs, references, and knowing winks throughout the film. But even the observant Pixar fans proabably missed this: Apparently in the background of every movie, there is a woman walking to the nearest pharmacy to pick up her UTI medication.


In the background of all of our favorite Pixar flicks, some poor, afflicted woman, can be seen shuffling into her neighborhood pharmacy to pick up her prescription antibiotics and a whole bunch of cranberry juice.


Fans everywhere are freaking out.


“I mean, a lot of people know about the scene in Cars when lighting McQueen is zipping down route 66 and he passes a lady slipping into a Walgreens to pick up her Bactrim DS 800mg,” said Pixar junkie Ashley Hildebrand. “But I never even noticed when that lady’s cranberry pills and shit roll out of her purse in the dentist’s office in Finding Nemo. Once I knew to look for it in every single movie, I was floored.”


Pixar reportedly shared the video in response to a viral clip where we can see a female Dia de los Muertos skeleton from Pixar’s latest film Coco doubled over, clearly yelling, “No I don’t have any questions for the pharmacist” through the window of a CVS.


Furthermore, fans are using this admission as proof, once and for all, that all the Pixar films take place in the same universe.



“I know it’s more than just a coincidence,” says superfan Grace Walsh. “In Toy Story 3, Andy’s mom clearly gets a texts from CVS that her prescription is ready for pickup and bolts out of the house to get it and then there’s that scene in The Incredibles where Frozone asks his wife where his super suit is, and then leaves and immediately barrels into a woman carrying an armful of Ocean Spray and AZO Maximum Strength pills.”


Fans are also pointing to the scene at the end of Brave, where Merida’s mom turns back in to a human and Merida says, “Oh my god mom now that you’re not a bear, I have a question about, um…a burning?”


Fans have already started speculating about how Pixar will slip the reference into its forthcoming film, The Incredibles 2, this summer.


“I mean now that we’re all in on it, they’ll have to be really sneaky about it,” said Hildebrand. “Maybe it’ll be a woman going into one of those CVS’s that’s actually inside a Target. Or maybe it’ll be a woman going to pick up the prescription for her girlfriend. That would be a first!!”


Whatever happens, we just hope Pixar will still be ravaging cartoons’ urinary tracts for a very long time!