Men Share the Moment They Knew They Were Ready to Disappoint a Woman

Every man will let down a woman at some point in his life, but when does it happen? At first sight? After a few dates or a special occasion? We asked five men to reflect on the moment they just knew that their girlfriend was the one they wanted to disappoint. Here are their stories.


When she got her own apartment: “It suddenly hit me that I wanted her first home to be our home. I sacrificed my part-time job as reigning Yu-Gi-Oh champion at the Talleyville Shopping Center to move in and make hot cream cheese sandwiches full-time with her panini press. She’s sad a lot, but I couldn’t be happier.” —Ed R., 31, El Paso, TX



When her big Italian family invited me over for Thanksgiving: “She was in the kitchen carving the turkey with her sisters and aunts, and I knew deep down that she’d be the one to fix my plate. It wasn’t going to be easy—she’d been basting and roasting that Frozen Li’l Butterball all afternoon—but one look at her female hands and I felt 100% certain about asking her to cut me another slice of chess pie, but not a big one because I’m watching my cholesterol. She’s been huffing at me under her breath ever since.” —Jon M., 46, Boston, MA


When we vacationed together. “Drinking pitchers of stone-fruit sangria and making love on the beach made me realize that I didn’t want our adventures to end, or to try to give her an orgasm. As the waves swept majestically onto the shore, I just kind of poked around aimlessly with one finger like I was giving her vag a wet willy and right then and there, with the stars twinkling above, I thought, ‘Yep, she’s the one I want to sweat on forever.” —Kent D., 28, New York, NY


Her eyes. “Wait, what was the question? I wasn’t listening.” —Michael F., 33, St. Petersburg, FL



When she wanted more than just a text. “I kept hitting her up to say ‘heyy’ but she said ‘David, you have two perfectly good hands that can pick up a phone.’ Her saying that was a win-win: I knew that she wanted more, but I also knew that she knew that I had hands. Shortly after, my buddies and I got blackout drunk and I realized, ‘This is going to be the girl that I crawl into bed with tonight after losing my pants and my phone.’” —Kevin, 21, Newark, NJ


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