Mandela Effect? Older Sibling Remembers Being Nice to You Growing Up

In a perplexing story coming out of a text conversation you’re having with your sister, it appears that she’s discovered another instance of the phenomenon known as the Mandela effect: the distinct misremembrance of historical events. Specifically, she claims that she actually remembers being nice to you growing up.


The confusing turn of events all started when you texted your sister Bobbi about a time when you were kids and she dragged you out of your bedroom by your hair.


“Huh? I don’t remember that,” Bobbi told you. “I was so nice to you growing up. You must be thinking of one of your friends back then.”


Interestingly enough, Bobbi doesn’t even remember the several other heinous things that she did to you, like when she threw away your stuffed animals or told you you were adopted and got your “fun” aunt Penny to corroborate it for over a year.


“I literally never did any of that,” she texted you. “I don’t know where you’re getting all this from. I didn’t do anything like that.”


It seems that no matter how much you try to tell her the truth of what really happened, your sister still couldn’t accept it because she had another version of it in her head already.


You even checked your sources about what you were claiming by texting your mom about the whole exchange.


“Yes, I remember when she cut your bangs to your forehead, because that day I didn’t know peace,” your mom confirmed.


However, when you confronted your sister again about your information being fact-checked, she still didn’t realize that she’d been another victim of the Mandela effect.



“Y’all are remembering it wrong,” Bobbi told you. “But whatever…”


At press time, your sister Bobbi told you she remembers buying her shirt at the mall five years ago despite you owning it for ten.