Mandela Effect? Everybody Seems to Think You Blacked Out and Peed in the Street on Your 21st Birthday

Some people note the Mandela effect, wherein large groups of people have differing memories of past events, as evidence of alternate realities. And the latest example of the Mandela effect is just as perplexing: All of your friends seem to remember an alternate version of your 21st birthday where you got blackout drunk and peed in the middle of the street.


We’re sorry… but what? This for sure did not happen.


In a truly amazing parallel universe, which you don’t recall in any way shape or form, you supposedly got drunk to the point of blacking out and then shouting, “I’m making it rain y’all!” when you walked into the middle of the street, pulled down your underwear, popped a squat, and peed in front of several of your close friends and their boyfriends.


Experts agree the Mandela effect is difficult to explain.


“The Mandela effect is really miraculous in its ability to inexplicably cause a group of people to misremember a shared event,” says Eleanor Wood, a self-proclaimed expert in the phenomenon of “false memories.”



“The idea that all of these friends have the same memory of leaving that same bar at closing on the same night, at which point you turned to everyone and asked where you could ‘let some urine rip,’ and they tried to tell you to hold it because everything was closed, right before you peed in the very center of the street when none of that even happened?! That’s some really powerful phenomena of the human mind.”


“You definitely took a big piss right on the yellow lines of the road,” says your friend Becca. “I remember it like it was yesterday.”


“Yeah,” says your friend Kelly. “We all saw it with our eyes.”


Remarkable, considering this definitely never happened!