Man More Concerned With the Accuracy of Your Traumatic History With Him Than Working on Himself

In a developing story outside of Fairfax, VA, Kevin Ostrofsky responded to his ex’s retelling of their traumatic relationship by passionately calling out slight factual inaccuracies, without reflecting on his own actions whatsoever.


“She’s going around openly attempting to detail all the abuse I put her through,” Ostrofsky stated. “Much of which is too broad and inaccurate to truthfully portray who I am as a person.”


It’s as though he doesn’t care that he’s characterized as an abuser as much as he does about debunking his ex’s account.


“I’m not saying nothing happened to her. Just that she is wrong on roughly all accounts, and I have the right to not be vilified in her narrative,” he continued. “Don’t forget I’m a person in this story suffering damages too! Think of the defamation this is causing me!”



Contrary to his passion for publicly defending himself, Ostrofsky did not respond to our request for comment on what specifics are inaccurate or what he is even doing to fix his patterns of behavior and repair the damages he has caused others.


Sources close to the ex-couple confirmed that he has spent an absurd amount of time and energy attempting to disprove her words without ever looking inward.


“I have yet to see one instance where his ex was given space to come forward without some rebuttal,” shared their mutual friend Gina. “He always took it as a chance to vehemently oppose her, instead of just saying ‘sorry’ or that he’d change his ways in the future.”


At the time of this report, Ostrofsky responded to his ex with virtually every form of defense and silencing tactic but never a genuine apology.


When asked repeatedly if he plans to begin therapy, enter a rehabilitation program, or do literally anything to work on himself, he deflected ad nauseum.


“Sure, I’ll work on my demons,” Ostrofsky shared. “Once I’m certain that my record is clear.”