Dad Thinks Your Career Will Be a Great Stepping Stone to Something He Respects

After letting your dad know about your burgeoning career in the arts, your dad is reportedly very excited about your milestone eventually leading to something that he will actually tell his friends about.


Witnesses reported that at approximately 5 p.m. yesterday, you called your dad to let him know that a gallery wants to feature your artwork, to which he replied “Wow, does that come with any health benefits?”


“I know that my dad is proud of me and the path in life I decided to set out on,” you told reporters. “But would he be prouder of me if I was a lawyer or maybe an architect? Yeah, probably.”


We also had the opportunity to talk with your father about your career and where he stands on whether it’s valid or not.



“I think it’s great that my kid is trying something out and getting by doing what they love,” he said. “But it’ll be even better when they decide to hang it up and go back to school for something that will actually make them some decent money. Or at least become a creative director at an ad agency. I heard that pays really well these days.”


However, you weren’t fazed by your dad’s comments, mostly because it’s basically what he’s been saying your whole life.


“I always knew that he wouldn’t exactly be thrilled with me going into art,” you said. “So I honestly think it’s great that he supports it, even if it’s only because he thinks I’m gonna end up becoming a doctor, or the president, or something.”


At press time, your dad just sent you an article about how artists actually have a major advantage in the business world.