Bold Lipstick Shades That Would Look Great On Emma Stone

We feel you—it can be hard finding a bold lip color you can actually pull off if you’re not a celebrity. But it’s still fun to think about what you would do if you could! Here are some intense shades we think would specifically look great on Emma Stone. She’s so sassy and versatile with that creamy complexion and fiery red hair that you don’t have!


Arctic Strawberry

1-arctic strawberry

This shimmery baby pink would work on almost no one except 1980s Barbie Dolls—and Emma Stone! On her, it would effortlessly convey the perfect blend of sweet, flirty, and daring! Because she’s perfect!


Purple Haze

2-Purple Haze

This is straight-up Barney purple and shouldn’t even be on the market unless it’s sold exclusively to makeup artists to the stars. Unlike you, Emma has the perfect coloring—and perfectly colorful personality—to be an absolute delight in this shade. We imagine her rocking it with a cheeky matching purple dress and heels! Wow!





We can totally see Emma crushing it this blue-black ‘stick at the premiere for her inevitable Dragon Tattoo-style turn in a darker flick. She’d look so badass and dangerous, but in such a cute and fun way! But seriously, don’t try this yourself unless you’re a 13-year-old goth kid or Emma Stone.




This luxe product looks exactly like what it sounds like, except it won’t kill you with chemicals and it costs $300 a tube! We think Ms. Stone would look so cute and mod in it, paired with a neon 60s shift dress! Unlike you, who would look like a third grader’s school supplies box threw up on you. But imagine if you were Emma! Fun!


Garfield Orange


Oh my god—or maybe we should say Emmagod! This normally tacky orange would not only be striking on Emma, but her choice could hint at the fact that she might soon be a Garfield herself—a Mrs. Andrew Garfield! Everyone else, please never wear orange lipstick, ever.


To recap, don’t try any of these at home, unless you’re Emma Stone. In which case, please do whatever you want always, and please be our friend!