5 Outfits That Go Great With Fingerbanging

Nothing says “summer” like a casual fingerbang. The air is warm, the living is easy, and the fashion is fun! But sometimes, it can be hard to dress for the occasion—how do you leave yourself “open” while still covering up? Just because your partner is three fingers deep outside the DQ doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel glamorous! Here are some great outfits that are fun, flirty, and accessible to spice up your next session of finger sex:


A-line Skirt

Boost your confidence by getting fingerbanged in a hot skirt that shows off your legs and waist. Whether you want to go with a vintage pin-up poodle skirt or a Britney Spears-inspired plaid schoolgirl number, he’ll appreciate the easy access your outfit gives him. When it comes to “come hither” motions, an A-line skirt is an A-plus choice!


Flowy Romper

Want to be covered enough to do cartwheels at a picnic, but still leave room for a little hand stuff? A romper is perfect for the girl on the go with an overactive G-spot. Choose something with open, flowy legholes made from low-grade polyester to give your cootch the sexy “how ya doin?” it deserves.



Ripped Concert Tee

Go hardcore punk by sporting your favorite music icon while his phalanges are jamming inside you. There’s nothing more rock-and-roll like wearing a shirt that lists U2’s concert dates while he strums your lower half like a bass guitar. With the inspiration he takes from your knockoff faded tee, you’ll be shouting “Freebird!” before he even gets to the encore!


Leather Chaps

It’s not just for leather daddies anymore! Pretending you’re in the wild west will be sure to spice things up while he loads your pussy gun with his finger bullets. With your chaps being assless, it will give him easier access to your Saloon’s swinging doors.


A Loincloth

He Tarzan, you fingered! This jungle-chic loincloth is not only the perfect outfit for any outdoor music festival, but it goes great with his right index finger. Pairing your loincloth with some cute turquoise accessories will make you feel like a sexy huntress white he strokes your bow with his little arrows.


Being comfortable in whatever you wear is the secret to being confident, cute, and flirty in any fingerbanging situation, but don’t be bummed if he doesn’t notice your new look. He’s a guy!