Fun Athletic Outfits to Not Exercise in

Exercise - Reductress

Sometimes athletic wear is just too expensive to wear while you’re actually exercising. Here are some better ways to flaunt the most fashionable designs without getting gross and sweaty:


Lululemon Yoga Pants – $92

The durable, compression-fit material looks good anywhere, especially sitting at the office, or going on a casual date! Sure, your boss might ask you to “please wear real pants” and your date might suggest you “meet up at a more convenient time” but these pants are far too versatile to waste on a yoga class!


Under Armour Hoodie + High-Endurance Sports Bra – $240

Made with lightweight high-loft fleece and 100% pure sheep’s wool, this is the perfect hoodie to accidentally spill red wine and Cheetos on before your midday nap. Pair with high endurance sports bra for a cute movie-watching outfit.



Gore-Tex Jacket – $270

Built for backcountry ski expeditions and sub-zero ice climbing, this jacket is perfect for taking your dog out to poop or for when it gets chilly at a summer BBQ. Plus, its breathable moisture-wicking fabric ensures that you won’t overheat while taking the stairs back to your third-floor walk-up.


North Face All-Weather Running Headband – $35

If you spent less than $15 on the headband you wear to wash your face – you did not spend enough. With active mesh paneling for ventilation, and a patented silicon grip system, your fly aways will be kept well under control during your 3 minute skin-care routine.


Nike Running Skirt – $74

You bought a running skirt because you thought it might make you more inclined to run.  But now that you own it, it’s just too cute to ruin with the harsh-ness of exercise! Besides, it looks great and comes with built-in shorts, so it’s perfect for a comfy night out on the town.