Which Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle Are You?

Have you had enough of Jennifer Lawrence yet? We haven’t, either! She’s zany just like you. She prefers jeans just like you. She has a family just like you!!! And she changes her hairstyles?! Take our quiz to see which J-Law hairstyle you are.


The “I’m a serious actress” Braid


1. Do you pretend to have a complex personality while you’re really just a pretty face? (Yes/No)

2. In a Hunger Games scenario, would your hairstyle be important to you? (Yes/No)

3. In a Hunger Games scenario, would you pretend your hairstyle was not important to you yet still find time to do this braid? (Yes/No)

4. Are you physically capable of styling this braid? (Yes/No)


If you answered Yes to 2 or more of these questions, you should be wearing the Braid at all times… most importantly, in your headshots!


The Real You Redhead (Blue Body)


1. Do people often accuse you of hiding something? (Yes/No)

2. Do you prefer going out with no makeup on? (Yes/No)

3. Does the carpet have to match the drapes? (Yes/No)

4. Are you comfortable wearing your hair down in strenuous physical situations for which a ponytail makes far more sense? (Yes/No)
The Real You is on display if you answered Yes to 3 or more of these questions. Get some hair dye, lose that ponytail, wet it down, and let your freak hair fly!


The PR Pixie


1. Has it been too long since you’ve gotten some attention? (Yes/No)

2. Do you have a good relationship with your father? (Yes/No)

3. Can you borrow a cell phone to send an “anonymous tip” to friends and family about your Pixie? (Yes/No)

4. Can you afford hair extensions if this cut is a huge mistake? (Yes/No)
If you answered Yes on #4, you are a J-Law Certified attention-getting master, with a pixie in her near future. Don’t forget to make coffee dates with friends afterward, which are the normal people equivalent to talk show appearances!


The  High-Maintenance Delusional Dollface


1. Are you willing to sleep in curlers every night? (Yes/No)

2. Are you willing to sleep in curlers even when you meet a guy who actually seems nice, has been buying you drinks but not in a creepy way, and he invites you back to his place? (Yes/No)

3. Do you know or care how your husband makes his money? (Yes/No)

4. Are you able to devote 80% of your day to care and maintenance of your personal appearance? (Yes/No)
3+ Yeses and you’ll be saying “Hello, Dollface” before you know it! Don’t forget to thank your hairstylist for the renewed zest for your manic episodes.