Is He Into You Or Just A Cult Leader Who Kisses Everyone On The Mouth?


It can be hard to tell if a guy is interested – you can never really tell if he passionately kisses you on the mouth because he thinks you’re special, or if he just treats everybody like that because he’s the leader of a modern cult. So, is that medium-attractive guy really into you or does he just kiss everybody on the mouth? Take this quiz to find out:


Does he seem to flirt with other women?

  1. No, but he is kind to everyone around him.
  2. No, but he “engages in intellection discussion with them in private” where he also kisses them on the mouth.


Have you had sex with this guy before?

  1. No! But he texts me a lot and says he wants to get to know me better.
  2. Yeah, lots of times. Although we only do it every other Tuesday, and I must call him “father” when we do.


How long have you known each other?

  1. Ever since intramural volleyball season started.
  2. Ever since intramural volleyball season started.


Is he gay?

  1. I’m not sure.
  2. I’m not sure, but he does always say that homosexuality is a sign of weakness before he kisses me on the mouth.


What kind of compliments does he give you?

  1. He tells me I’m pretty, and funny, and kind.
  2. He tells me he “sees great potential in me” right before kissing me on the mouth.


Have you given him money?

  1. No! He bought me a drink, though.
  2. No! But I donate money to his organization.




Mostly 1’s: He might be into you! If you like him back, tell him you’d like to spend more time together. Then you can find out for sure that he’s not in a cult!

Mostly 2’s: Sorry, girl – he’s the leader of a cult. Don’t let it ruin your day – getting groomed and lured by a charismatic cult leader happens to every woman at some point in her life! Find a good lawyer and back away as calmly as possible before he tries to sue you for hurting his feelings.