How to Squirt So Much That Even The Magic Brooms in Fantasia Can’t Keep Up

magic brooms from fantasia

Squirting can sometimes be difficult to achieve without time, effort, and determination. But with a motivated partner and a few tricks, you could be squirting so much that even the magic brooms won’t be able to carry enough buckets to clean up the mess afterward – especially with choreography! Anyway, here’s how:



One way to increase your likelihood of squirting so much you cause your entire dungeon to flood is to engage in foreplay, and pull back whenever you feel as though you’re about to reach orgasm. Do this a few times before engaging in full penetration, and you’ll be that much more likely to exhaust the brooms in their hopeless attempt to do the only job they were created to do.


Deep Penetration

The most reliable way to squirt a dangerous amount of liquid is through slow, deep penetration with the help of a partner. This can be done with some slow and patient deep fisting as well, and the “come hither” motion will inevitably awaken the army of magic brooms, ready for cleanup. Unfortunately, they do not get paid nearly enough for this kind of work, so please don’t make fun of them if you see them struggling.



Vibrator on the G-Spot

Another great way to come so much that the brooms seriously consider unionizing is to use a vibrator directly on your G-spot. A consistent pressure directly on your G-spot will cause a gushing that will put the brooms at risk of drowning in your own cum and will deeply traumatize Mickey for years to come. Isn’t sex great?


With a few tricks and strategies, you’ll completely overwhelm the horde of magic brooms tasks with cleaning up the wreckage from your explosive orgasms, leaving them wondering, is this the work of a wizard, or some kind of dark magic cursing them to the Sisyphean task of cleaning a dungeon flooded with cum for eternity? Guess you’ll have to find out. Have fun!!