6 Shows You Can’t Keep Up With Because You’re On Your Phone The Whole Time

In this golden age of television, it can be challenging to keep track of the complex plotlines and characters of your favorite TV shows, especially because you’ve been scrolling through Instagram for about 80% of the episode. Here are six programs that are totally impossible to keep up with, particularly if you’ve never actually looked at the television screen.


The Voice

Even though it’s mostly just music, this singing competition is super tricky to keep track of while you’re scrolling through a 72-week backlog of your ex-boyfriend Kevin’s Instagram. How does NBC expect you to be able to remember who is winning, who got kicked off, or who the contestants are when your eyes are elsewhere? Rude!


Game of Thrones

More like Game of HUH? There are like a bajillion families and kings and blood fights happening every single week and if you happen to turn your attention away from the show for just a measly 45 minutes you’ll be TOTALLY lost.


How To Get Away With Murder

It’s very inconvenient that this Shondaland thriller moves at such a fast pace! It’s like someone dies and/or gets away with murder in the time it took you to swipe left on 13 guys in a row on Bumble. The writing really should be clearer!



Pretty Little Liars

Who is “A” and what is a liar and why are these girls so pretty? You’re probably asking yourself questions like this because while your Netflix has been automatically playing episode after episode you’ve been re-watching your own snap story. This show is proof that ABC Family shows are just way too complicated, and that your snap story is way too interesting.


The Bachelorette

You’re so busy trying to tweet funny things about the show that you honestly have no idea who is who. It doesn’t help that the show puts the contestants names up on the screen when your eyes are obviously on your front facing camera working on your closed-mouth selfie. Can they announce the names so you can keep track? Very unhelpful!


The Big Bang Theory

Chances are you didn’t even know this was a show you “watch.” But it’s on every time you start sexting your sidepiece which makes it nearly impossible to understand what those nerds and that one hot girl are up to. Hilarious jokes, though!


TV is failing you with how complicated it is, but you shouldn’t have to apologize. Keep on scrolling, multitasking queen.