5 Things I Learned About Lube by Having Sex with the Tin Man From ‘The Wizard of Oz’  

woman smiling with pic of tin man in corner

Unfortunately, the use of personal lubricant during sex carries with it some negative connotations. However, all of this stigma is rooted in misinformation, and I’m here to clear up some of those dated misconceptions, and hopefully offer some helpful information about everything that can make lube a great addition to sex. Here are the five things I learned about lube by having sex with the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.


Lube can make sex more enjoyable for everyone.

One common myth about lube is that if all parties are adequately turned on before any penetrative sex, then it isn’t necessary. This simply isn’t true! Some people, regardless of arousal, need lube to prevent friction or to make it so that they can move their limbs, which is beneficial to lovemaking.


It’s always good to check in with your partner during sex.

Remember: anything that makes sex more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone involved should never be considered a mood killer. For me, this meant taking breaks to see if my partner needed to lubricate his joints, his genitals, or even his mouth so that he could communicate those needs. These check-ins don’t always need to be lube related, but when you’re fucking the Tin Man, they almost certainly will be.


Water-based lube is best, but not for the Tin Man.

Today there is a general consensus that water-based lubes are safest for penetrative sex and use with condoms. However, an oil-based lube is best for my fuck buddy, the Tin Man. In fact, the lube should be all oil and you should put it in a little can and pour it all over him frequently. It may sound kinky, and it is.



Tin is really cold.

Self-explanatory. If your man’s junk is made of tin, it’s gonna be pretty cold, so rub that lube between your palms before application if you want something a little closer to body temperature entering you.

Sometimes people’s true characters are really different from the judgments they’ve internalized about themselves.

For example, I thought the Tin Man was going to be a total fuck boy because he was constantly warning that he didn’t have a heart and couldn’t feel anything, but I soon found out the opposite is true. Like he’s really sensitive. It’s too much, actually. I think he’s in love with me, but it’s that kind of thing where if we stopped talking he’d be in love with someone else in two weeks. Anyway, not strictly lube related, but I never would have learned this if I hadn’t lubed him up so we could get down.


So next time you’re preparing to have sex with a tin or skin person, consider introducing some lube into the mix. It may just surprise you, or prevent a 6’2’ man-made entirely of metal from getting stuck on top of you. Happy lubing!