Is He Giving You Butterflies or Is Your IBS Flaring Up?


Developing strong feelings for a guy can be be confusing. Are you really falling for him, or just falling behind on your hourly Pepto Bismol dose? Look out for these telltale signs to figure out if he’s setting your heart ablaze of if you just have some horrendous heartburn.


Are you feeling butterfly wings or just the buffalo wings you ate last night?

You’ve reached that crucial point in any flirtationship when you’re starting to look at your man a little differently. Is he just another cute architect or is he someone you’re ready to build a relationship with? And what’s that tingly feeling you get when you see him? Well, it depends on what you ate earlier today. Did you eat something fatty or acidic that could have upset your stomach? Reviewing your eating habits can help you discern the butterfly wings from the buffalo wings in your belly. You might need to find a bathroom.


Is it love or just the urge to vom?

What exactly is it that’s making you fall for your guy? Is it his sense of adventure, like how he always takes you to exotic restaurants with dish names you can’t pronounce and food you can’t digest? Whatever it is, if you look at him and start to feel that special sensation bubbling up, you need to think about your feelings. Are you digging your time together? If not, you’re probably about to vomit.



Ask yourself: Did you shit your pants?

Anyway, when trying to decide if you are really into him, take a step back and check in with your body. Did you, in a flurry of digestion, shit yourself? It’s easy to get so caught up in a new fling that you disconnect from reality. Oops! If you did shit your pants, that’s probably a clue that you need to dump your guy and replace him with a good gastroenterologist.


Love is so primal that sometimes our body knows about our feelings before our minds do. Be sure to check in with yourself and ask the tough question: is it love or just your damn IBS flaring up again?