5 Kissing Techniques to Show Him You’ve Totally Moved On

After breaking up with your boyfriend, things are going pretty well: You signed up for a gym membership, read all the books you had been meaning to get to, and don’t even miss him at all, because you guys are still having sex. Prove to your ex that you’ve totally moved on by trying these kissing techniques the next time you two hook up:


Peck with closed lips.

You aren’t interested anymore, which was made clear when you threw all of his stuff out of your window. In this intimate moment, keep your kisses short and sweet with no open-mouth action to show him you aren’t interested in getting back together. This way, he’ll see how emotionally strong you are!


Nibble gently until he’s gushing blood.

You ex likes things a little rough, so bite down on his lip until you draw blood. But then, just keep biting to prove a point. You don’t care if you’re hurting him, even if it is turning him on. Power move!


Spit in his ear.

Ears are sensitive erogenous zones and deserve some attention. Give your ex’s ears the full revenge treatment by spitting in them. This will show him that this passionate make-out session is way beneath you.



Spell out “fuck you” with your tongue.

Things are starting to heat up, but you want to make sure he knows that you feel absolutely nothing for him. Spell out your feelings with your tongue, employing whatever expletives you feel necessary. It’s so obvious that you’re completely over him!


Wrap your hands around his neck… tightly.

Start by softly caressing his neck and slowly tighten your grip to show him that you honestly don’t even care if he lives or dies. Choking is super hot but still a great way to demonstrate that you are completely in control of both his trachea and your emotions. He’ll get the message!


Dealing with a break-up is hard, but you are doing absolutely fine! By trying these kissing techniques on your ex, he will see that you are a mature and independent woman who has totally moved on. You go, girl!