Activities To Go Ahead And Do Alone Since I Guess Everyone’s In A Relationship Now

The arrival of summer means it’s time for go on lots of adventures! You and your friends have created a whole list of fun summer activities and then BAM, everyone you’ve ever met got into a relationship at the same time! Here are the activities that you should try to enjoy by yourself if you really want to do them so badly:


Summer Movies In The Park!

The outdoor summer movie is a staple in every park’s summer agenda, so pick out your least favorite blanket, pack up some snacks and head over to the park for an outing. You’re just going to do this one solo since all of your friends bailed. On the bright side, it’ll be easy to find a seat since you don’t take up as much space as someone who still has friends! Don’t let any of those couples you’re surrounded by move in on your space.


Go on a Hike!

Every year, you and your friends plan a hiking trip to get out of the city and breathe fresh air. Hiking is a renewing experience… until everyone’s unavailable because they’re meeting the parents of their new soulmate. Just try to take pleasure in hiking alone, even after you realize it’s just exercise disguised as fun. Make sure you pack plenty of water and extra snacks since no one will notice if you’re out here dying on a rock for three days.



Beach Day!

Sun-bathing! New bikinis! Hot guys pretending to play sports! The beach has everything… except your friends. Prepare for a solo beach day by doing some stretches. You’ll need extra shoulder flexibility to apply sunscreen on your own back because wow, they had couples-only beach day last weekend without telling you and they just aren’t in the mood to go to the beach again. But hey, they really miss you and totally want to hang soon, just not during time they could be with their new lovers instead.


By doing these activities alone, you can appreciate the summer and try to appreciate yourself. After all, you’re happy for your friends… not that you’ll ever see them again. Happy summer!