Intuitive Eating! This Woman Ate a Man

When 28-year-old Mercy Taylour first learned about intuitive eating, she was skeptical. But after craving the taste of men for years, intuitive eating finally allowed her to say “yes”. 


Way to honor your desires, queen!


Intuitive eating honors a person’s instincts toward food, preventing negative thought patterns that can lead to under or overeating. That kind of freedom is what Mercy needed all along, to reassure her that her desire to eat men was normal. In search of fulfilling a lifelong hunger for flesh, Mercy decided to venture into this new mentality. After two hours of research, Mercy knew what she had to do: eat a whole-ass man. 


Yes, girl! Eat that man up!


“It dawned on me that if I’m going to change my relationship with food, I have to stop feeling guilty about my cravings,” Mercy admitted. Specifically, craving the flesh of a 35-year-old man named Henry. 


Talk about listening to your gut! 


“Henry was my boyfriend, and anyone who knew him knew how much he loved me,” Mercy shared. “He supported me in bettering my relationship with food, even if it cost him both our relationship and his life.” 


Mercy consumed Henry last week, and we are living for her commitment to self-care!


This is Mercy’s first foray into intuitive eating, but the 28-year-old is excited to continue her new journey. “I have felt so good ever since I started this new chapter. I’m off to a delicious start. Henry is only the first man I’ve eaten, and I hope to feast on many more men in the future.”


Maybe Mercy is onto something – ditch keto and try flesh! You heard it here first: man-eating will be all the rage this decade. Thanks for the tip, Mercy!