Inspiring! This Woman Listened to Five Hours of Advice and Then Did What She Was Gonna Do in the First Place

In a truly exciting story out of Los Angeles, CA, 25-year-old Samirah Withers listened to a circle of her friends giving her advice for five hours straight and then just did what she was going to do anyway.


Wow! We love a woman who always secretly knows what she wants!


Just last night, Samirah came to her friends to ask them what she should do about her two-year relationship with her boyfriend, Clive, who she hasn’t felt as close to as when they first started dating.


“It all started when I thought he was cheating on me because he wouldn’t answer my text messages for days,” Samirah told her friends, “But more recently we’ve just been fighting all the time, and I honestly feel better when I’m not around him.”


Samirah’s friends fortunately all came through to help her out, providing personal anecdotes, plain facts, and screenshots from their own text conversations to give her the necessary info she needed in order to make the right choice, even though she wasn’t really listening to any of it.



“I told her that if he doesn’t make her happy then she should just break up with him,” one of Samirah’s friends, Kennedy, told us. “And, I don’t even know if she was aware of this, but she was involuntarily shaking her head the whole time I was talking.”


Despite sort of hearing each and every one of her friends’ advice on the issue, Samirah went ahead and did what she was going to do anyway, which was to give her relationship with Clive another shot.


“I really appreciate what my friends had to say, but I ultimately decided to go in a different direction,” Samirah told us. “Well, it was the same direction for me because it was what I was planning on doing anyway, but still!”


Way to advocate for yourself, queen!


Another one of Samirah’s friends chimed in to share their support, but also confusion, on Samirah’s choice.


“I thought since we all told her to break up with him then that’s what she would end up doing,” Samirah’s friend, Isa, added. “But I’ll support my girl no matter what she chooses! I just wish she told us that she had made up her mind already so we didn’t have to talk about it for five uninterrupted hours.”


Hopefully next time she lets them all know!