Wow! Dad Deals With Same Debilitating Illness That You Do but Forgot to Tell You Until Now

In a surprising story coming out of your father’s house, your dad just casually mentioned that he suffers from the same exact debilitating mental illness as you, but completely forgot to ever tell you about it or even bring it up casually until now.


Wow! Who woulda thought?


Witnesses report that when you were telling your dad about all the different times your anxiety and panic disorder got in the way of enjoying your life, your dad chimed in to tell you that he has panic attacks all the time and that he’s learned to just live with it his whole life.


Huh! Why didn’t he tell you this earlier? Like, even hinting at it would’ve been nice!


“I must’ve told you this before,” your dad said. “That’s crazy. I thought you always knew about this.”


Reportedly, the immediate clarity that came from him telling you about his medical history was almost too much for you to handle, especially once you realized that all of your siblings definitely have the same mental health issues too.



“I guess I just didn’t think it was that important,” your dad continued. “Like you might have panic attacks from time to time, but trust me, it ain’t that bad. You just get over it after a while!”


Now that would’ve been great to know when you were 12! Or maybe it wouldn’t have been? We’ll never know!


However, when you told your dad that therapy along with medication helped your condition immensely and suggested that he try it too, he was pretty lukewarm about the idea.


“Yeah, maybe I’ll try that too,” he told you, even though he won’t.


At press time, you found out that your dad is also lactose intolerant.


“Now why would I talk about that?” he said. “That’s just gross.”