Inspiring! This Woman Landed a Hot Air Balloon On Her Body Shamer

2017 may finally be the year women stop taking shit from body shamers. From the red carpet to Main Street, women everywhere have been shutting down their haters and declaring how much they love their bodies. However, one woman has really outdone them all: Meet 23-year-old Charlize Lew, the woman who landed a hot air balloon directly on her body shamer.


“I posted this picture of myself wearing a red leather dress, and some guy commented, ‘You have fat arms!’” says Lew. “Well, I was not about to just let some troll’s comment ruin the rest of my evening, so I decided to let my body shamer know that his words were unacceptable.”


Though Lew could have spend her night in tears, she decided to hit back at her body shamer..


“It took a lot of guts, but I wasn’t going to let other young women see me accept body shaming,” says Lew. “So I did what any other powerful woman in my position would do. I seized a commercial hot air balloon and swiftly landed it on top of my body shamer.”


In one skilled landing, Lew just let haters everywhere know that if you mess with her, you’re going to get crushed by a balloon.


“When I saw her take control of the hot air balloon at first I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ but then I saw her steering it toward her body shamer’s house and I was like, ‘Yas, kween!’” says Ashley Wilkins, a close friend of Lew’s. “That was definitely the response all women needed to see.”


“Also, just for the record, I looked great in my dress,” says Lew. “It was fun, ruffle-sleeved and bright red, and I didn’t foresee anyone tearing me down because of it. So it’s only fair that my body shamer did not see my response coming either.”



Lew’s body shamer certainly did not see what was coming to him when, just a few hours after posting his comment, a hot air balloon landed right on his head, pushing him straight into the ground like a plant.


If only more women had the courage to face their body shamers from the sky, while carefully coordinating where to land their hot air balloon. After all, a woman’s body type has absolutely nothing to do with what they should or shouldn’t wear, and anyone who says otherwise deserves to get smushed!