Empowering Ivanka Quotes That Are Things Other People Said

In her new book, Ivanka Trump proves herself one of the foremost feminist thinkers of our time with her original words – each a rare gem of wisdom you’d never find elsewhere, aside from in other books written by different, better writers. Get ready to feel inspired by these empowering Ivanka quotes that are things other people said.


“If family comes first, work does not come second. Life comes together.” — Ivanka Trump (Anne-Marie Slaughter)

This quote suggests that family life and work life actually complement each other — a message that working women need to hear from Ivanka that Anne-Marie Slaughter said in 2014. Wow! Ivanka makes a great role model and businesswoman who said the same thing as Slaughter only three years after her. Writing is hard, but Ivanka really nails is with this incredible quote that she did not write!


“Anyone who tries to make brownies without butter should be arrested.” — Ivanka Trump (Ina Garten)

What a powerful statement from Ivanka that Ina Garten once made about brownies. It encourages women to simply enjoy eating without guilt, otherwise face jail time. This is the kind of strong, positive message we need from Ivanka that Food Network host Ina Garten said first in 2009.


“Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change direction but the sandstorm chases you. You turn again, but the storm adjusts. Over and over you play this out, like some ominous dance with death just before dawn. Why? Because this storm isn’t something that blew in from far away, something that has nothing to do with you. This storm is you. Something inside of you.” — Ivanka Trump (Haruki Murakami)

Holy moly! Ivanka gets deep with this passage she wrote that Huraki Murakami actually wrote. It proves—using Ivanka’s go-to sandstorm metaphor—that women can be artists as well as mothers and entrepreneurs. Much like Murakami, Ivanka is also an acclaimed Japanese novelist in that she said the same thing as one. That’s basically how writing works!


“I am the number one human being in music. That means any person that’s living or breathing is number two.” – Ivanka Trump (Kanye West)


Wow. Writing really is rewriting. And rewriting really is just writing what other people have said before. What a stunning quote from Ivanka that is really a quote from Kanye West. It may as well be about Ivanka because it’s clearly encouraging women to have confidence. Beautifully put Ivanka as Kanye!




“I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence.” — Ivanka Trump (Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates in National Treasure)

Women can do anything, even steal the Declaration of Independence, according to Ivanka speaking as Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates from the movie National Treasure. And steal the Declaration Ivanka has, by taking it and desecrating everything it stands for, though not for the same noble reason as Nicolas Cage — to use it as a treasure map. However, both of these heroes said the same words so they’re basically at the same level of greatness. Yaaas!


Ivanka’s latest book inspires women to be the masters of their own lives by saying what others have already said. Each quote send an incredible message—when you’re rich you can do literally anything! So if you want to feel inspired, look no further than these quotes by Ivanka Trump from other people!