Inspiring Competition Show Backstory Ends With Person Getting on Competition Show

29-year-old Breanna Fowler told her harrowing life story on the competition game show Chopped, which unfortunately ended with her getting on the game show Chopped.


“Both of my parents passed away in the last couple of years, and it was really devastating for me. And then after that, I broke both of my legs in a skiing accident,” Breanna continued. “But once I healed, I started putting everything into my restaurant, and now I’m here on Chopped, and I couldn’t feel more blessed!”


“And now, here I am on Chopped,” said Breanna. “It’s always been my biggest dream to be here!”


According to Nielsen ratings, most viewers violently cringed or sighed resignedly when they heard her say that, desperately wishing for Breanna to want something more than this.


Despite the story being inspirational at first, the fact that Breanna is now on a show that terrorizes and humiliates its contestants pretty much cancels it all out.


Breanna also mentioned her relationship with her parents throughout the episode, which made everything even sadder.



“I made this kind of bread with my mom all the time when I was a kid,” she said, while running to put it into the oven. “I can honestly feel her looking down at me right now, proud of her little girl. I love you, mom!”


Unfortunately, when the chefs’ dishes were placed onto the judges’ table, they weren’t very happy with hers. They actually all voted against it, which led to her being promptly kicked off of the show.


“I’ll get ‘em next time,” Breanna said in her confessional interview. “This is all just a part of my story.”


Reportedly, viewers said that this was pretty fucking depressing to hear, too.