Inspiring Advice From Young Overachievers That Will Make You Feel So Shitty

Are you a listless twenty-something? Do you feel stagnant, uninspired, and unable to reach even the simplest of personal goals? Then this inspiring advice from the brightest young breakout talents who could buy and sell you three times over will give you the kickstart you need to feel even shittier about where you are in your career.


“Stop worrying about the approval of others.” – Daniel Wing, 29 (Partner, Explosion Ventures)

Anyone who makes over $600k a year knows how much easier life is when you don’t care what anyone thinks about you and your fleet of vintage cars. You, on the other hand, can barely scrape together enough money for rent because you’re too busy worrying that your bar trivia team thinks you say the word “awesome” too much.



“Embrace what you don’t know.” – Janelle Hodges, 25 (Cofounder, Hydrobot Studio)

Every day is a learning experience, and every moment is teachable. Successful, intelligent young people, who’ve never worked in retail, have the courage to admit the limits of their knowledge. They are so brave and wise. This tip will not actually be helpful to you because you are a worthless idiot and know absolutely nothing, or at least the job market seems to think so.



“Follow your bliss.” – Lena Hoffman, 27 (CEO, Baked Juice)

Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life—that’s the creed of every beautiful, generous, exquisitely sexy CEO under 30. They all love making crazy amounts of money, and that’s what they do every day! Unfortunately for you, the activity you love the most—scrolling through Instagram on the toilet while you wait for your spicy Chipotle to meet its end—cannot be monetized. At this point, your only hope is to be reincarnated as someone less pathetic.


We hope this advice has inspired you! It’s definitely inspired us—after hearing these brilliant insights from the luminous beings who have managed to achieve more in a scant 27 years than you will in your entire life, we are happier than ever to not be you!