How to Stop Caring So Much About What You Look Like By Focusing On How Shitty You Feel

It’s easy to get so upset over our looks that we forget to think about what actually matters: what’s on the inside. Specifically, how shitty we feel. In order to stop wasting time trying to achieve impossible beauty standards, the best thing to do is shift perspective and concentrate on those bad, sad, and no-good feelings. Here are three ways for you to stop caring so much about what you look like by focusing on the badness from within.


Take a Social Media Break

We all know that social media takes a toll on our self-image. Seeing glamorous photos on Instagram can make you feel like you look like a sludge-pile who will never look that good. By limiting your social media use, you’ll stop thinking about how bad you look and have more time to process how bad you feel. Plus, every time you inevitably reach for your phone, you can even blame it on your lack of self-restraint instead of how weirdly fat and unseemly your fingers are.


Journal All Your Terrible Thoughts

Journaling is a great, healthy way to stop thinking about your looks and get in touch with how fucking horrible you feel. With every page, you have the chance to dig deep into all your shitty emotions surrounding past traumas, your family, and that one time you fucked a guy who voted for Ted Cruz. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be long passages; you can make quick lists of your failures and fuckups that have nothing to do with how weird your hair looks most of the time!



Get Rid of All Your Mirrors

The fewer mirrors you have, the more inclined you’ll be to stare out a window or up at the ceiling, allowing you to stop dissecting your reflection and get reflecting on how god-awful you feel about your unachievable career goals, what’s happening in the world and how you don’t do anything about it, or how you can never seem to drink water without getting it all over yourself. Sure, you won’t be able to see if your outfit looks good or do your makeup, but you shouldn’t care about that stuff anymore, you self-reflective queen!


Next time your feeling down about your appearance, turn to these tips and remember that it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Even when all that’s on the inside is a deeply sad, sexually frustrated, unmotivated shell of a woman.