‘I’ll Have To Check That Show Out!’ Says Woman Who Has Already Forgotten the Title

Last Friday, Amanda Collins found herself in a discussion about television shows with her friend Jamie Lambert. After Jamie recommended a new Netflix original, Amanda assured her friend that she would definitely check that show out, despite the fact that she had already completely forgotten the title.


“I enthusiastically said that I’d give it a watch,” Amanda told us, “Even though the name of the show and all relevant details that would clue me in immediately evaporated from my mind.”


This is typical behavior for Amanda, sources say. Though she is recommended new TV shows to watch on a near daily basis, Amanda reportedly only really watches Friends reruns and an occasional episode of The Bachelor, when it’s on.


“I’ve recommended Dark to her on three different occasions,” Amanda’s friend, Brent, tells us. “Every time she makes a big thing of being like, ‘Ooh yeah that sounds great!’ But I can see in her eyes that nothing about my suggestion has landed.”



Reportedly, Amanda’s forgetfulness extends to more than just TV shows. Movies, books, music, and internet articles are all often recommended to her. And though she never seems less-than-enthused about the prospect of consuming them, the information just somehow never seems to get stored anywhere.


Amanda’s fickle memory when it comes to her friends’ media recommendations has become so predictable that some of her friends are done tolerating it.


“She never even offers up an ‘I keep meaning to check that one out,’ or ‘Is that the one you were talking about with Stephen?’” her friend Lizzy told us. “It’s always just ‘I’ll have to check that show out,’ and then the same, dead-eyed stare as she wipes it from her mental hard drive.”


Amanda swears that she doesn’t do it on purpose.


“It’s not personal,” she says. “I don’t want to hurt any of my friends. Ooh, that reminds me. You should check out Friends on Netflix, it’s really great.”